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HR&M provides a whole host of HR Management "Best Practices" services to your growing business. Turn to the experts to help you with employee management issues.

Succession Plans Job Descriptions
Discrimination Charges Strategic Planning Sessions
EEOC Mediation Hearings Hiring Procedures
Workplace Harassment Investigations Expert Witness Testimony
Unemployment Claims & Appeals Human Resource Audits
Employee Satisfaction Surveys  


Succession Plans

HR&M can develop strategies and implement a process that identifies who, if anyone, is in a position to succeed anyone in a supervisory/management position. Steps are taken to identify those employees identified as transferable, advanceable, or promotable.

Discrimination Charges

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) enforces Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Title I of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA), and the Equal Pay Act (EPA). When an employee, job applicant, or organization files a charge under Title VII, the ADA, the ADEA, or the EPA, the EEOC may demand information from the employer, inspect the workplace, and convene the parties in order to narrow the issues under dispute.

The Commission’s staff also can interview witnesses and take statements from the Charging Party and the employer. The Commission may also demand the attendance and testimony of witnesses, the production of evidence, and access to evidence for purposes of examination and copying.

HR&M can research, investigate, and prepare written responses to EEO charges. HR&M can also represent organizations during mediation hearings.

EEOC Mediation Hearings

HR&M represents management in negotiating settlements through EEOC Mediation when such action is deemed appropriate.

Workplace Harassment Investigations

Workplace harassment has evolved from sexual harassment to religious, ethnic, disability, race, and other types of harassment. Harassment is a behavior that every employer must knowingly prevent and eliminate from occurring.

While sexual harassment continues to exist, harassment other than sex has seen continual increased allegations and claims. These claims cost employers significant amounts of time, energy, and money in terms of lost productivity and professional fees that could have been avoided.

Additionally, making employees aware of their rights and informing employees of what procedures to follow are also an employer’s responsibility. Should a harassment charge be made, HR&M can properly, thoroughly, and competently investigate any harassment allegation.

In addition, supervisory/management training can also be provided to ensure that compliance with the law is being followed and that the organization can effectively address any further allegations of harassment.

Unemployment Claims and Appeals

Employers receive notification of unemployment claims from the Texas Workforce Commission. HR&M can advise and prepare written responses for those claims and can also advise and prepare written responses for appeals to the Appeals Tribunal and the Commission, if necessary.

Employee Satisfaction Surveys

Conducting employee surveys is an excellent way for a company to increase the understanding of employees’ needs and to identify recommendations in increasing employee satisfaction, management effectiveness, and employee morale.

With HR&M’s experience in working with several industries, HR&M provides a valuable product that will produce the most valuable and beneficial information. Surveys are developed and customized by first identifying the purpose of the survey and then selecting major categories and designing specific questions to address each category. In addition to developing the survey, HR&M will enter, tabulate, and analyze the results.

The final report will consist of:

  • Graphs depicting the results for each question
  • Summary of the observations, based on responses and comments
  • Recommendations based on the findings “Essential Duty”

Job Descriptions

HR&M develops and prepares ADA compliant job descriptions with necessary qualifications, essential job duties, and exempt/non-exempt classifications in accordance with Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) regulations. Utilizing job analysis tools developed by HR&M, basic duties and requirements are obtained from both management and employees to provide essential information for:

  • Reducing an employee’s role ambiguity
  • Ensuring ADA compliance
  • Providing guidelines in the hiring process
  • Providing a means to evaluate an employee's performance
  • Determining training needs
  • Determining promotions
  • Creating performance improvement plans

Strategic Planning Sessions

HR&M facilitates management retreats and strategic planning sessions for short and long range goals and objectives.

Hiring Procedures

Selecting the right candidate for a position is a process that must be managed to minimize the hiring risk and ensure a winning decision. HR&M can provide steps in the process to ensure that effective and compliant steps are in place to cover:

The application form itself

  • Whether any pre-employment testing is appropriate
  • Whether background, credit, driving, or criminal checks are appropriate
  • How to prepare for the interview  how to conduct the interview
  • How to probe without crossing any discriminatory or privacy line

Expert Witness Testimony

HR&M provides expert witness testimony on various employment law issues, ranging from Workers’ Compensation retaliation, sex and other forms of discrimination, workplace harassment, and wrongful termination.

Human Resource Audits

An excellent starting point to determine the effectiveness of the Human Resources Department is to have HR&M conduct an on-site HR inspection to review forms, documents, required posters, personnel files, turnover rate, and procedures to determine compliance with employment laws and guidelines.

This review will provide a snapshot of what is in place, possibly what should not be in place, what needs to be added or enhanced, and other such recommendations.

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